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We understand how important it can be to obtain financing for your fiberglass swimming pool. Aloha has partnered with AMS Financial to offer you a potential financing solution. Below are some important questions and answers from our friends at AMS Financial to assist you.


pool financingCan I call in and just get a quote?

While we encourage any of our clients to call us with questions, our process is designed for a reason. Each individual borrower is unique in their financial situation. We strive to give each person the individual attention and customer service we are known for. Unfortunately, we cannot give quotes based solely on credit scores. We do not pull credit initially, and we want to provide each customer with a realistic rate, term, and max loan amount. We cannot do that without understanding our client’s individual situation.


What is AMS Financial?

AMS has served over 5,000 home improvement dealer partners since 2004 and many thousands of consumers direct. We literally wrote the book on home improvement finance. AMS Financial has been featured as industry experts in Replacement Contractor Magazine 9/2011 and Aqua Magazine 6/2011, to name a few.


Why does AMS not pull credit initially?

AMS knows that in the current credit environment, most consumers monitor their own credit, so we do not pull credit initially. We ask you for your credit score. This, plus your liabilities, allows us to give you a realistic idea of what credit categories you fit into before having your credit pulled. Most loans are based off of other factors along with credit. We at AMS believe that a good loan officer understands underwriting and market conditions, and can provide our clients with a realistic idea of rate and payment initially without pulling credit based on the weight of the information provided. We give our clients a “free look”, with no commitment. It prevents the client from being misled and allows them to make an informative decision based on facts.


What if I don’t know my Credit Score?

That’s OK too. You may use this link: GET YOUR FREE CREDIT SCORE HERE

Or go to one of the many credit reporting agencies available online. Having our clients know their own credit score prevents them from having numerous credit inquiries, which result in the score lowering. If our clients insist, we can pull credit.


What is the minimum credit score?

Our minimum credit score requirement is 580 for Mortgage, Secured, and Business / 640 Unsecure.


Does AMS pull Credit?

Once we present the borrower with a scenario and the borrower agrees to our release, credit will be pulled. Our estimates are based on the score and information the borrower provides. AMS has an extremely high closing ratio.


Why does AMS have so many products?

AMS understands that each borrower has different circumstances; by offering different products, we have the ability to find the right product available for him or her.


What happens when we send in our initial application?

Once we receive the initial application, our team goes to work. We look at every aspect of the borrower from a financial standpoint. We take into account if the borrower has the ability to refinance their home, obtain a secured loan, or pull money out of an existing business. We do this in 24 hours and provide our clients with all of the options available. We give them the information they need to make the right decision.


If I decide I like the product what then?

At that point, when you return the paperwork, we begin the full application process, which will result in a credit pull. We then request supporting documentation such as ID, pay stubs, and tax returns.


Is there an Application Fee?



What else can AMS do for me?

If you have recently done business with AMS and have obtained an unsecured loan with us for your project,
AMS will assist you, at no added fee from us, in the refinance of your home.

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Questions? Please give Aloha a call at (800) 786-2318.

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Pool Financing

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