Customize Your Pool

Caribbean 1aOnce you have selected the perfect Aloha pool model for your backyard, it is time to decide which color you would like your pool to be. The color you select will determine the appearance of your pool’s water color, although the clouds and overall atmospheric conditions play a part as well. Aloha’s AquaMarine® white finish was inspired by the aqua blue waters of the tropical beaches, and it never goes out of style. When you combine the refreshing aqua blue water during the day with colored pool lighting at night, you can create a romantic atmosphere of colors to enjoy.

Colors & Finishes

If natural daytime looks are more important to you, consider one of our PebbleBeach® finishes, which have been inspired by nature’s beauty. Our PebbleBeach® finishes are available in many stunning colors to complement your backyard theme. The color you select will determine the overall appearance of your pool’s water, giving you the opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Waterline Tile

You can add personality and charm to your Aloha pool by adding waterline tile  in an assortment of styles and colors. Waterline tile is a great way to tie colors together in your backyard or add a touch of class or elegance to your pool. You can also add accent inlaid tile to the steps of your Aloha pool for added safety and aesthetics.

Inlaid Mosaic

mosaicLogoWhat better way to add personality and charm to your Aloha pool than to add inlaid mosaics on the floor, steps, seats, or walls for the perfect unique pool. You can swim with the turtles, play with the dolphins, or custom design your own mosaic to create the perfect getaway retreat.


You can add ambiance and charm to your Aloha pool with PAL™ Lighting. Watch your pool rotate through beautiful colors or set it to stay on your favorite one. Genuine PAL™ Lighting products are the finest and most versatile UL-listed low voltage LED swimming pool lights available. Color your pool with just one touch with the easy-to-use remote.


Please note: Your Aloha Fiberglass Pool can be customized to reflect your personality, lifestyle and compliment unique characteristics of your property. Availability of special options may vary, so talk to your contractor to personalize your pool of choice.

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